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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
Qty - 1
Price - £12.00


February is the month of love. Whatever your personal circumstances, there is always love to be shared through friendship, through families, through strangers.

Some years ago I was having a bad day in the USA, but got a welcome surprise when I looked a crumpled dollar note clenched in my fist in the back of a taxi cab. Someone had written the word “LOVE” at the bottom of the note, and it really cheered me up.  Thank you to that kind person who had the thought and put a lot more value into that dollar bill. These thoughtful acts can really turn a bad day into a good one, a frown into a smile.

I kept the note and framed it (it hangs on the bathroom wall in my cottage), along with a Malaysian note that a sweet couple had folded into origami hearts for me. But I made sure I wrote the same message on another note, and put it back into circulation to pass the love on, hoping it would make someone else’s day.  It’s the little things that can really affect another person’s life, so please take time to spread some love this month.